I woke up early to see this beautiful morning. The house is quiet. Just me and my thought. Great way to spend the first day of new year morning. And welcome 2018 with beautiful, bright, shiny, fresh, and right into your life.

It has been ten years that I get to celebrate New Year with a family of my own. And a family that I have made along the way. It has been three years that I get to celebrate New Year with my daughter who I love very much. Thank you for being you. You are not easy but you are mine, and you are worth it. I can't imagine life with you my little Ariya.

I started New Year with a few big decisions. Change is coming to both of my personal life and my career life. I have never been scared of change. Because if you understand life at all, change is part of our human revaluation. We adapt, and that make human great. Change makes we learn new thing. Change makes us on our toes. Change is mean new chapter of life, new door open and new challenges.

Welcome, Change and Welcome 2018 I can't wait to meet you.

Happy New Year Everyone. And don't let just new year to change. Life is too short to wait. Enjoy life to the fullest in your way. The only thing you could give a gift to yourself. Don't start wishing and start doing.

Love and peace.

Tai x

#change #newyear #2018 #loveiseverything #livelife #livetothefullest

#newyear #change #personal #life

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