How to buy makeup brushes?

Everybody always asks me where do I buy my brushes... The answer is I buy them from all over. The best cream brush in the market is artist brushes you can get them from any art stores. I bought those from Michael's. I love it there. There is always 40% couple discount. All my liner brushes are all artist brushes. It is less expensive and they last longer, stay in sharp longer than the one that sells for makeup.

If you have Aaron Brothers nearby, check them out too. They have some of the best foundation brushes that I love. It is artist brushes, but I found it best to use for foundation.

Are you looking for the best brush cleaner? You need to try my brush cleaner "The Brush Soap" It can be used on natural and synthetic brushes and makeup sponges and also on all types of paint brushes. Clean of all body painting paint brushes, waterproof eyeliner, everything. Must try!!

Alright guys, if you have any questions, feel free to comment and ask away! :D

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