Organize your makeup kit with lunch box.

It is cleaning time! I love organizing my makeup kit it could be fun Sometimes it is challenging to put everything in the way you want it and easy to get into when you need for the job. My job mostly on-location as working in Las Vegas. You go hotel to hotel, on-location set all the times. I use a suitcase to put everything in it. All my bags are lunch box bag from Target.

As as you can see I love NARS palette. It is great! The only downside is it gets dirty fast. Those are new one compare to the one year old one. (See picture)

It took me about 2 hours, but it is so pretty than before. I just don't want to use it ever again lol...

Any question let me know 😬

#traveling #makeupartist #travelingmakeupartist #lunchbox #makeup #organize #organizing #foundation #Organizeyourmakeupkitwithlunchbox

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