Traveling Makeup Artist

A few years I will turn 40 years old. I can't believe it. Of course, people hate being old especially a woman. But you know what everyone gets old. There is nothing you could do. It is not a destination. It is a journey.

Traveling open up my eyes so much. I'm very fortunate to get to do that since I was a kid. I love traveling alone when I was younger. It is the best gift you could give to yourself. Never take a tour guide or book a tour. Just buy a ticket and just keep moving forward. Flow with the wind. It is the best way of traveling in my opinion.​ You get to learn so much of local people. You get to experience what life is. Take some chances.

A woman traveling alone dangerous? You just need to be the one that starts the conversation. It is something I never am afraid. I pick people who I want to hang out rather than them pick me as a target.

Anyway, life is too short to be scared of everything in life that make you happy. People usually afraid of start new relationship. People don't want to go traveling because their friends don't have money to go travel, so that stops them. Remember, you will never find yourself if you never get lost. You will surprise what you find along the way. :D

I miss traveling when I don't. I like to experience new cultures, learn about people. The world is big and small the same time. And the different make it enjoyable.

Love traveling with my two best friends, my husband and Ariya. They keep my journey interesting for sure. It is not easy traveling with a toddler, but it is much more fun. Love you both x

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